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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an all-natural component of your blood that contains a high concentration of platelets and growth factors. These growth factors stimulate tissue regeneration, speed wound healing, trigger cell proliferation, and keep your skin looking healthy and young. 

Centrifuge machine
Centrifuge machine

How Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Created?

Platelet-rich plasma is produced from your blood. Your doctor will take a sample of blood from your arm and run that blood through a centrifuge. This process will isolate the platelets from the red blood cells and create a plasma with a highly concentrated platelet count. Normal blood contains a platelet count of 200,000/mL. Platelet-rich plasma contains a platelet count of 1,000,000/mL.

PRP Instructional Video

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What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Used for?

Platelet-rich plasma has long been used to support wound healing after trauma and joint injury. In recent years, researchers have found several cosmetic applications for platelet-rich plasma, including hair restoration and skin rejuvenation.

When PRP is added to areas of thinning hair, it can thicken hair or accelerate the growth of hair transplants.

When applied to the face, it has been seen to thicken the skin, promote elasticity, and improve skin tone and texture.

some skincare treatment at home

What Are the Types of Platelet-Rich Plasma?

There are four categories of growth factors found in platelet-rich plasma. These categories are based on the leukocyte and fibrin content in the plasma. Leukocytes are the white blood cells that protect your body against illness and assist in healing. Fibrin is a protein that helps in the clotting of your blood.

These categories include:

  • Pure platelet-rich plasma (P-PRP)
  • Leukocyte- and platelet-rich plasma (LPRP)
  • Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)
  • Leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin (L-PRF)

SoME® Skincare uses the P-PRP because we want a low red blood cell (RBC) count to get liquid gold PRP, whereas other centrifuges generate L-PRP where the PRP has red blood cells and therefore the PRP is a deep red in color. The reason why SoME® Skincare does not use PRFM because PRFM is activated PRP and, therefore, all the growth factors are out in solution. Once the growth factors degranulate from the platelet, the growth factors will start degrading and, therefore, SoME® Skincare uses non-activated PRP or P-PRP for the product.

How Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Be Administered?

SoME® Skincare

SoME® Skincare , by Aesthetics Biomedical, is a revolutionary skincare product that combines your natural PRP with other high-quality ingredients. Once your PRP has been collected, it is added to SoME® Skincare proprietary blend of ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind personalized skincare product.

Facial Injections

PRP can be injected directly into the skin to improve the texture, tone, and firmness of the skin. Multiple PRP injections will be made to trigger cell reproduction and rejuvenate the complexion.

Radiofrequency Microneedling With PRP

Radiofrequency Microneedling is the process of making hundreds of micro-wounds in the skin. These superficial wounds force a natural healing response and stimulate collagen production. When PRP is used in combination with microneedling, the results are significantly improved because of the higher number of growth factors.

model posing happy some skincare procedure
model posing happy some skincare procedure

What Are the Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma contains high amounts of growth factors that promote wound healing and skin rejuvenation. When this all-natural solution is applied to the face, it stimulates the production of collagen. This provides many benefits, including the:

  • Restoration of skin elasticity
  • Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Thickening of the skin
  • Improvement of skin tone and texture
  • Treatment of delicate and hard-to-reach areas, such as under the eye

What Is the Cost of Your SoME® Skincare + PRP?

The PRP used in your SoME® Skincare personalizes the product to you. The cost of your SoME® Skincare involves the cost to harvest and combine the PRP into the remaining SoME® Skincare ingredients. This cost will vary depending on your physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SoME® Skincare the best way to incorporate PRP into my skincare?

SoME® Skincare is the only at-home skincare product that uses PRP as one of its active ingredients. Before SoME® Skincare, PRP was only available through in-office cosmetic procedures. While these were and still are beneficial, they are unable to treat and improve skin quality on a day-to-day basis. SoME® Skincare is applied every day to maintain results.

What kind of skin rejuvenation results will SoME® Skincare provide?

As everyone’s skin is different, we cannot predict the extent or speed of results. In clinical studies, nearly one hundred percent of patients saw visible improvement in their skin over two months.

Are SoME® Skincare products interchangeable between family members?

Your SoME® Skincare product is created specifically for you, by your physician. Because it includes your PRP, you cannot use someone else’s SoME® Skincare, and no one else can use yours.

Are You Interested in Learning More About SoME® Skincare?

If you are interested in learning more about SoME® Skincare or would like to find a provider near you, contact SoME® Skincare by filling out our online contact form.

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SoME® Skincare

Are you a provider interested in offering SoME® Skincare at your practice? Please fill out the form below.

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