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The future of personalized skincare.

“I’m a huge believer in PRP!” said Sims in a statement. “Years ago my dermatologists introduced me to PRP in conjunction with microneedling treatments. I instantly became obsessed with it, so it was a dream come true when I found out that Aesthetics Biomedical® developed SoME® Skincare because I now have the unprecedented ability to harness the benefits of PRP at home in my daily skincare!”

Model and actress, Molly Sims

“When I found out about SoME® Skincare through Aesthetics Biomedical®, I immediately booked an appointment at Manhattan Dermatology in LA to see what it was all about. Such a cool experience. I’m about 2 weeks in to using my SoME® Skincare serum, and my skin is already loving the product.”

Miss Lifestyler with Jen Saviano

“Revolutionary! Using my own PRP to make my skin more magnificent! The shine is undeniable. Forever a customer! Love the technology! As far as the procedure goes, it was super easy and the ladies were very professional. It didn’t hurt at all and they said my PRP was really high quality. They then mixed it with their special serum and told me that immediately after it didn’t need to be refrigerated but it did 2 weeks afterwards. And I even received a mini fridge! I’m going to have such healthy skin soon!”


“This is like a magic potion only it is made with your very own PRP and is perfectly suited for you. The best part is it is made to last for 3 months!!! I love using it both morning and night. It’s wonderful!!”


“I had the opportunity to try the SoME® Skincare product at the RealSelf House of Modern Beauty and am excited to see the results over the next few months. The process was really straightforward – they draw your blood, spin out the PRP, inject the PRP into a serum that you can apply directly to your face each and every day to help create lasting results. The product is beautifully packaged and comes with an adorable mini fridge to store it in your bathroom – it needs to be kept cold so the PRP remains ready to activate when you apply it. There was zero downtime as all that was required was a blood draw. If you combine this with a Vivace® treatment you could ask the doctor to apply any residual PRP directly after that treatment. In total a good experience.”


Real Patients. Real Results.

Results with SoME® Skincare
Photos courtesy of Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos, MD
*Individual results may vary
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SoMe Skincare banner

How can I purchase SoME® Skincare products for my practice?

If you are interested in offering SoME® Skincare products in your practice, please contact Aesthetics Biomedical® at 1-800-726-5029. For more information about PRP Skincare or to find a physician, please visit our practice locator.

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