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How Do SoME® Skincare Products Rejuvenate Skin?

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There are numerous skincare products on the market today, and each touts this unique ingredient or that cutting-edge effect. 

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Often, these products offer little more than minor changes to existing cosmetic products. Cosmetic skincare is a massive industry, but there is remarkably little variation in how cosmetic skincare products work. Most use a handful of active ingredients to achieve one or two beneficial effects, and while the concentration of these active ingredients and the secondary ingredients used to stabilize them might vary, most skincare products are remarkably similar to each other.

How Are SoME® Skincare Products Different?

SoME® Skincare is different from the previously mentioned products. While SoME® Skincare uses some of the same ingredients as most other cosmetic treatments, the  active ingredients are coupled with something no other product offers: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). SoME® Skincare uses PRP to enhance the effectiveness of our treatments. By coupling more traditional moisturizers, vitamins, and volume enhancers, such as hyaluronic acid, with PRP, the SoME® treatment regimen becomes greater than the sum of its parts. 

This makes SoME® Skincare products more effective than most other skincare products. 

The addition of PRP ensures that each treatment is personalized for each patient, allowing for a customized treatment regimen that can target and address specific concerns. 

Most skincare products rely on general treatment options, with little variation. Each SoME® Skincare product is uniquely created for the patient and is inherently personalized, with the patient’s PRP infused with the ingredients. No two SoME® Skincare products are the same because they use ingredients taken from the patient’s blood. 

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Enhance Traditional Ingredients?

Traditional cosmetic treatments for skincare usually rely on moisturizers applied to the skin’s surface or fillers injected into the skin. SoME® Skincare products combine the benefits of both options. 

The PRP used in SoME® Skincare products is the critical ingredient, as the platelets have regenerative properties that reinforce the effects of the other ingredients. Using PRP to stimulate cellular regeneration and collagen production, the effects of the volume enhancers and moisturizers are locked deep into the skin and remain there as the new cells grow. This combination creates a far more effective treatment than traditional cosmetic treatments could ever accomplish alone. 

Interested in Learning More?

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