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How Can Your Patients Optimize SoME™ Skincare?

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Healthy skin is not merely a matter of DNA. Daily habits play a significant role in what your patients see in the mirror. Ultimately, your patients need to do things the right way with the right products to achieve optimal results. 

Happy woman applying skincare properly to maintain good skin health.

Suggesting these simple tips will make sure your patients’ skincare efforts are rewarded.

3 Ways Your Patients Can Optimize SoME™ Skincare

Avoid Mixing Products

As intriguing as new skincare products can be, it’s crucial to resist throwing surprises at the skin by switching and mixing products. Often, these new products won’t work for your patients’ skin the way they would like them to. While some people may try to do this to maximize their results, they could be hindering the effects of the serums by clogging their pores, counteracting with other ingredients or lessening the ability of the product to absorb effectively.

For people with sensitive skin, a wrong ingredient can make their skin begin an angry spiral of breakouts or irritation. To help simplify things, the SoME™ Skincare regimen contains specific active ingredients that address your patients’ unique skin concerns because this serum is personalized with their own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This means there is no chance for guesswork with products that don’t work well with their skin type or treat their specific skin condition.

Be Consistent

A great complexion won’t happen overnight, but it will happen if your patients remain consistent and patient. Sometimes, people jump from one product to another without fully allowing a particular product to deliver on what it offers. This not only negatively impacts their skin but their wallets as well.

Results are only seen through consistent use, so challenge your patients to stick with their SoME™ Skincare regimen. If they do, they’ll be well on their way to achieving radiant and gorgeous skin. Further, having a consistent skincare regimen helps them maintain the changes made over time with little effort.

Eat Right

The secret to good skin is a healthy diet. You’ve likely heard the popular phrase, “We are what we eat and drink,” and this can be exceptionally apparent on our patients’ skin. Skin that has access to nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants usually has a considerable head start even before a serum comes into play. 

Staying hydrated is also essential as it helps to flush toxins out of your body, resulting in a fuller and healthier appearance.

Want to Build a Great Skin Care Routine?

Whatever your patients’ schedules or lifestyles may be, stress the importance of committing to a skincare routine. With the consistent use of SoME™ Skincare, we ensure your experience is always as optimized as possible. Follow these above tips to achieve real, visible results with our products. 

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